High School On Lockdown After Police Activity On Campus

October 03, 2018

An Austin, Texas high school is on lockdown, according to multiple reports.


Crockett High School in south Austin went into lockdown at about 8 a.m. on Wednesday morning after someone spotted an ROTC person carrying a training rifle. The person is believed to be a student, according to "KXAN."


Other reports have stated that the Austin police received a report of a suspicious person on the school's campus. This prompted the school to issue a safety measure: school lockdown.


Police are asking that everyone who is inside the school to stay inside. Also, anyone near the perimeter of the school is asked to stay away until the police clear the area.


Austin ISD changed the definition of a school lockdown earlier this school year. It is the most severe emergency procedure, according to "KXAN." The definition is as follows:


"Temporary sheltering technique where all activity at a facility stops and students, employees and visitors run away from a threat (e.g., an active shooter) or hide from a threat. If staff, students and visitors choose to hide, they are encouraged to find ANY space they can either lock themselves in or barricade. Students, staff and visitors are taught to find the nearest hiding spot if they are caught in the hallways during a lockdown."



The school's lockdown was lifted 45 minutes later. Police say that it was a false report of a gunman. The "suspicious" person was actually a student with a "colorguard" training prop. 


No further details available at this time.