Crying Baby Squirrel Dangles By its Neck From a Thorn—Watch His Incredible Rescue

February 07, 2018

While the first few moments of the video may look a little disturbing, rest assured that the outcome is incredible.  


A couple was enjoying their wildlife experience at a Timbavati picnic site in the Kruger National Park in South Africa when it got interrupted by a painful cry. The noise came from a tree, so husband and wife, Elize and Anton Oliver, decided to do some investigating.

They got up from their chairs and began to look through tree branches until they stumbled upon a baby squirrel hanging from a thorn by its neck. It was noted that the squirrel was no more than two weeks old at the time.


The squirrel wouldn't open his eyes. All he did was cry in pain. Before touching the innocent animal, they searched for its mother. But she was nowhere in sight. There was only one thing left to do— rescue him.


Since the baby squirrel was so young and without a mother, his chances of survival were slim to none. According to The Wildlife Center of Virginia, most squirrels leave their mother at around ten weeks of age. If you stumble upon a baby squirrel, they recommend you do everything you can to reunite it with its mother.


The squirrel was so high up in the tree, that the couple used everything from a table, to chairs, to an SUV to get the little guy down. Anton grabbed a towel and climbed on top of the vehicle. He gently unhooked the baby squirrel from the thorn and handed him to his wife to swaddle.


Once the torn was removed, the squirrel had a very large lump on his neck. As the days went by, the squirrel remained in the loving care of Elize and Anton. The couple decided to name the squirrel Thorn. Fitting right?


After the couple cared for the orphan squirrel, he was ready to be set free. Elize says that Thorn visits them every so often and appears to be very healthy.


Over the course of several years, the Olivers have raised more than 15 baby orphan squirrels. Every one of them has been released back into nature. Be sure to check out the incredible rescue below!



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