Cute Baby's Priceless Reaction When He Sees His Daddy's Twin Brother

February 27, 2018

This sweet baby is seeing double! Well, not really. He just sees his dad and his dad's twin brother, Dan.


A woman, likely to be the baby's mom, decided to record in hopes for a priceless moment when her son witnesses both his dad and uncle in the same room. Thankfully, she was recording!

First, uncle Dan arrives, who again, looks exactly like his dad. The little guy walks up to “daddy” asking to be picked up.


The uncle, who has no children of his own, looks down at his nephew clueless on what do. The child's mom tells Dan to simply pick him up.


"I've never picked up a child before," the uncle says as he reaches for his nephew in a clumsy like manner.

Then the baby looks up at his "daddy" and knows something is off. "Something is seriously wrong here," you can imagine the baby thinking.


The baby turns to his mom clueless and unsure; as if he's saying, "Mom, this isn't daddy. Help me."


The adorable baby finally spots his real dad and he just knows it's him. He hears his dad speak, which likely helped confirm his original senses, looks back at his uncle, and demands to be in his dad's arms.

The video is quickly racking up views, and for a good reason, too. It will surely melt your heart. Check out the video below!


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