Major Dam Gives Way Spreading Sludge Across Roads, Destroying Buildings. Many Feared Dead, At Least 200 Missing

January 25, 2019

Video footage shown on local television shows the sludge spreading across roads, taking down buildings with the devastating mudflow, covering hundreds of people in its path.

BBC News reports, “A mining dam has collapsed in Brazil, causing a sea of sludge to spread to rural areas of the country's southeastern state of Minas Gerais.”

“New environmental tragedy in Brazil, today at morning a mine collapse. Three years after the similar accident in Mariana.

“The mud destroyed homes, rural properties and forest areas. It was not possible to measure all the social an environmental damages.”

This isn’t the first time that such an environmental disaster has occurred. Just four years ago, ”Another dam - owned by Vale and BHP Billiton - burst in Minas Gerais, killing 19 people.”

"A similar catastrophic disaster occurred in 2015, when the failure of a tailing dam in Rio Doce left at least 17 dead and environmental devastation.

"No one was held accountable and it seems that no lessons were learned."

In the current collapse, reports are coming in that at least 50 people have already been confirmed dead with as many as 200 more missing.

“The mayor of Brumadinho, Avimar de Melo, told local newspaper Hoje em Dia that ‘at least 50 people’ had been killed.”

Please pray for all the people of Minas Gerais as they face the horrific task of locating loved ones and identifying the dead.

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