Reality Show Star Rushed To Hospital After Sudden Heart Attack; Now Faces Risky Surgery To Save His Life

March 12, 2019

Over the last few weeks something has become crystal clear to me, - and I would suspect a lot of other television fans. Celebrities are JUST LIKE US! In that, I mean they are human in every way.

They have the same joys, the same sorrows, the same relationship issues, and, most of all, they are mortal. Which means, like us, they will die. And before that, many of them will suffer serious health challenges that deeply impact their remaining years.

After a string of unparalleled losses and near-losses, the entertainment world is seeing another of its favorite stars face a life-threatening illness. Fortunately for him, his illness was discovered in time to take the necessary action to save his life.

Darrell Sheets, one of the lovable antagonists on A & E’s mega-popular reality show ’Storage Wars’ was rushed to the hospital after suffering a heart attack, TMZ reports.

He remains hospitalized, awaiting necessary heart surgery. But, that’s not the only bad news he learned. He also has been diagnosed with two chronic conditions that seriously impact his quality of life

Darrell, himself, posted the following update to social media:

“Well here we go I wasn’t going to say anything, but you all have been the greatest friends and fans, I’ve Been very sick for 3 months and two nights ago I had a mild heart attack, found out I have congestive heart failure and a severe issue going on with my lungs,

“today I am having surgery so all your prayers would be deeply appreciated thank you for being there for me it’s been a great ride #storagewars # Romney has been by my side through all of this she is a good woman and I love her”

We pray for the best possible outcome for Darrell and are thankful that they got to him in time. Get well, soon!

Today’s news comes on the heels of too much loss in the entertainment world. We have seen an unprecedented number of celebrities who have passed away.

Recently, we saw the sad loss of numerous beloved celebrities, including legends like Carol Channing and Albert Finney; music icons, Daryl Dragon (of ‘The Captain and Tennille,’) and 'Monkees' star Peter Tork; designer Karl Lagerfeld; actors Luke Perry, Jed Allan, Jan-Michael Vincent, and Katherine Helmond.

Perhaps the most tragic of all, the suicides of three young people who seemingly ‘had it all,’ Olympic athlete Kelly Catlin, soap opera star Kristoff St. John, and Freeda, the daughter of mega-famous boxer George Foreman.

Most of us have never met these luminaries, yet we are affected when they pass just as if they were members of our own families. We feel the loss tremendously.

We’ve watched as stars fight their way back from critical illnesses that could have ended their lives: Ozzy Osbourne, Jimmy Osmond, Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian, soap star Susan Lucci, ‘Hulk’ actor Lou Ferrigno, and of course ‘Jeopardy!’ emcee Alex Trebek, who is in the battle of his life with stage four cancer.

But that's not all. There are those facing mental health challenges like singer Demi Lovato, actress Amanda Bynes, and talk show host Wendy Williams. Sometimes their suffering come as a result of their chosen professions.

In a nutshell, just because they have fame, fortune, and seemingly ‘perfect’ lives, they are just as mortal as we are, and their time here on earth is not forever.

Life is life, no matter how many people know your name or how many zeros are at there end of the number on your paycheck. All the fame and celebrity in the world can’t stop the inevitable.

Please remember to be grateful for every day on this earth, and to remember that celebrities are people, too. Pray for them, grieve when they pass away, but do not envy them. Because, at the end of the day, we all end up the same.

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