Internet Goes Wild Over Controversial Issue That Sparks Internet Poll; People Are Left In Utter Shock

September 07, 2018

Are you looking for some light news this morning? Are all the negative stories such as shootings and deaths taking a real toll on you lately? Well, take a minute with us as we dissect a fun, new debate that might start circulating office environments.

Many office atmospheres have those little, controversial topics. These are usually discussed around the water cooler or while a few folks are topping off their coffees.

Most of the time it includes politics, breaking news, or just bizarre stories that came across the radio that morning. But for this one company, in particular, they have come across an issue they couldn't get passed, so they took it to Twitter to ask the world what their thoughts were.

"The new office poll at the @realDailyWire is in a dead heat," Kassy Dillion tweeted Friday morning.

It sure does make for a great story, because most of us here are 50/50 as well. So, tell us, how do you pronounce the word "data"?

Option 1: "Day-ta"
Option 2: "Dah-ta"

Or if you want to be "that guy," your third option is "Jif."

Many followers of the "Daily Wire" have put in their two cents, and it some are quite comical.

"Always been day-ta anyone who annunciates it otherwise should be made fun of immediately and long-term," wrote a fan named Ryan.

While others finished up their mini-debates, others jumped to a completed different tangent, even though there was an outlier who tossed in "JIF" on Daily Wire's paper poll. The whole "gif/jif" dilemma.

What do you think about this? How do you pronounce the word "data"? Let us know!