‘Dead’ Husband Comes Back to Life at the Morgue as He Is Being Prepped for Funeral

March 02, 2018

Funeral parlor workers were in for quite the surprise when a ‘dead’ man came to life on their table as they prepared him for his funeral.


The story comes from China this week as a man (named only by his last name Huang) was mistakenly sent to the morgue by his wife after she found him in a limp state in the morning.


Huang had been battling terminal stomach cancer for several months so he was not in good health to begin with, and when he was unresponsive in the morning, his wife feared the worst.


“My husband passed away at home early this morning,” the wife told the mortuary after she noted that he had stopped breathing. “I am very scared. I ask you to come and take away his remains.”



The mortuary then took him away, but it wasn’t until the next morning until they noticed he was still alive.


As the mortuary cosmetologist was applying makeup in preparation for his funeral he noticed that the man’s mouth was moving slightly and immediately ran to the director who checked Huang’s pulse and declared that he was still alive.


They called emergency services for medical assistance, but unfortunately, Huang passed away for real before they could arrive.


After explaining the incident to Huang’s traumatized wife, the funeral parlor waived all service fees in light of the unfortunate event.



This may sound like a once in a lifetime occurrence, but the morgue says that this has happened twice already.


“It’s easy for a patient to be pronounced as dead if his limbs are cold, his body is stiff, and his vital signs are weak,” said the mortuary director.


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