‘Dead’ Prisoner Comes Back to Life on Autopsy Table

March 05, 2018

In one of the stranger stories you will read this week, a prisoner in Spain woke up on a morgue table just before his autopsy was about to begin.


The prisoner, Gonzalo Montoya Jimenez, was declared dead by three separate doctors before being brought to the morgue for an autopsy.





According to the report, the prisoner’s snore on the autopsy table gave away that the supposed dead body was actually an unconscious man. He even had marks already drawn on him for the autopsy incisions.


Jimenez is reported to now be in good condition and in the hospital for further treatment and evaluation. Besides suffering from oxygen deprivation to the brain, he is not expected to have any lasting consequences.


He was believed to be “dead” for over four hours before regaining consciousness.



How does something like this happen? Doctors suspect that he may have suffered from catalepsy, a condition associated with a number of medical conditions, such as epilepsy.


Jimenez is reported to have been prescribed medication to control epilepsy symptoms, suggesting that this “death” could be seizure related.



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This isn’t the first time someone has “come back from the dead.” A woman in China sent her unresponsive husband to the morgue thinking he was dead. Read the full story in the next article below.

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