Latest: Deadly Hurricane Killed Nearly 3,000 People; Requesting Prayers

August 29, 2018

There has been some devastating news that has come in that is updating people around the globe of the latest death toll numbers. Many people are left in shock and brokenhearted by the latest news.

At this time, we are asking our readers to pray for everyone involved and anyone who lost a family member during the destructive hurricane.

There has been a new estimate of nearly 3,000 people dead in the last six months after Hurricane Maria severely damaged the island of Puerto Reico in September 2017, according to reports. Thousands of people succumbed to the extreme, scorching aftermath, and, sadly, it was seriously undercounted.

The deadly hurricane knocked out the entire electrical grid, which made finding fatalities that much harder, and went from 64 deaths to 2,975 deaths in a matter of just six months.

"We never anticipated a scenario of zero communication, zero energy, zero highway access," Gov. Ricardo Rossello told reporters.

"I think the lesson is to anticipate the worst. Yes, I made mistakes. Yes, in hindsight, things could've been handled differently," he continued.


Rossella said that Puerto Rico still remains to be vulnerable for another future storm. At this time, the government is improving its communication methods and will install a network to transport medicine and food to homes across the island.

"A lesson from this is that efforts for assistance and recovery need to focus as much as possible on lower-income areas, on people who are older, who are more vulnerable," said Lynn Goldman, dean of the Milken Institute.

The reason why the death toll was so low in September was that in part, doctors were not trained in how to classify deaths after a fatal disaster. The number of deaths from September 2017 to February 2018 increased by 22 percent, according to Goldman.

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