Multinational Company Issues Serious Recall: Many People Infected From Parasite Outbreak

July 23, 2018


There have been at least 400 people infected by this parasite associated with Del Monte's famous vegetable and dip trays and McDonald's salads. The parasite is called Cyclospora and is a very serious microorganism that can cause a lot of problems for someone who consumed the bacteria.

Many are wondering if the parasite is linked to the recent McDonald's salad recall, but according to health officials, they are two separate outbreaks.

However, the total infected by the Cyclospora parasite is over 400 people combined. There have been 237 confirmed cases of individuals who consumed Del Monte's vegetable trays in 10 states, while for McDonald's there have been 163 confirmed cases linked to their salads.

According to "Food Safety News," the victim count is expected to increase. The reason is due to the fact that it can take up to two weeks, or longer, for someone who is infected by the parasite to develop symptoms.

It can take up to six weeks for individuals with cyclosporiasis to be diagnosed and confirmed by the lab that they have this illness. 

Del Monte is recalling multiple batches of their fresh-cut vegetable trays. The recall was issued after several people complained of getting sick. The source was from a non-life threatening parasite.

The vegetable trays were taken to the public health departments in Wisconsin and Minnesota last week. After the results returned, they concluded that the outbreak was from the microscopic Cyclospora parasite.

Cyclospora parasites are normally found in developing countries, according to reports.

Federal officials said that Del Monte is removing three different sizes of vegetable trays from the shelves that contain broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and dill dip.

If the parasite is consumed, symptoms may include diarrhea, loss of appetite, weight loss, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, low-grade fever, and cramping.

The people who were infected by the parasite purchased their Del Monte vegetable trays at gas stations and grocery stores including, Food Max Supermarket, Country Market, Meehan's, Peapod, Kwik Trip, Kwik Star, Demond's, Sentry, and Potash.

The trays were sold in Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin. They have a "Best if Enjoyed By" date of June 17, 2018, or earlier.

If you have this product, you are asked to discard the item and do not consume. Anyone with questions may call Del Monte at 1-800-659-6500 or email concerns to

Please share with your family and friends to ensure their safety and health. 

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