Troubled Pop Star Shamed For ‘Fuller Figure,’ Hits Back At Haters; Gets Unexpected Response From One

March 29, 2019

Demi Lovato has had more than her share of struggles on her way from ‘child star’ to major music celebrity. Now, she’s facing criticism for how she looks, but she’s not letting the haters get away with it - not without a fight, anyway.

When 'Inquisitr' posted the article about Lovato’s current appearance after a gym workout, the writer couldn't help but mention her new, “fuller figure.”

To many, even mentioning her appearance, measured up to nothing more than ‘fat shaming.’

Lovato had some serious problems last summer leading up to being rushed to the hospital in July after suffering what has widely been reported as an opioid overdose.

No one has outright said it was a suicide attempt, but if it was, then comments like the ones in the ‘Inquisitr’ are simply adding fuel to the self-doubt fire.

In the light-hearted piece, writer Fabio Magnocavallo described her this way, “The ‘Sober’ songstress was wearing a grey T-shirt with the words ‘Are You Unbreakable?’ written across it. She wore this with black leggings and white sneakers.”

So far, so good, right? Then the writer went soon to share a little more detail of what he was noticing about the embattled pop star.

“She appears to look healthy and her figure looks fuller and curvier.” The words were not harsh but made their point. Now I don't know about you, but I don’t read any judgment into those words, he's just stating a fact that even Lovato wouldn't deny.

It's not the words that Magnocavallo used that have Lovato ramped up, however. In her response, Demi complained that it is the fact that headlines like that even exist, that has her upset.

Consequently, the star spoke out in her own defense, saying “I’m more than my weight.”

She went on to say that she refuses to let the ‘Haters’ get into her head. She took to her Instagram Story (visible for only 24 hours) to clap back. Quick-thinking followers captured a screenshot of her powerful words.

Then, a short while later, Demi made a second post, this time explaining where her real concerns lie.

She said that she was worried that these types of headlines have the potential to do so much damage to others who are struggling as she was.

Amazingly, the author responded to the pop star's powerful words, doing an effective ‘mea culpa’ to the struggling celebrity.

Authors Note:  “Firstly, a sincere ‘Thank you’ to Demi Lovato for her grace and patience in our exchange.

"While I wrote this story with the best of intentions, I totally appreciate and understand her perspective on the matter and culture in general and I truly appreciate her taking the time to have a dialogue with me about it.

"As Demi said to me, '“our voices are all we have to create the biggest change on this planet'.”

Lovato then publicly thanked the writer for “understanding where I’m coming from,” adding, “Change is made [by] raising your voice, speaking your truth and spreading love and compassion, not hate.”

She also asked her Lovatics to “be nice now,” writing, “I appreciate your support but he learned a lesson.”

Then she signed off with, “Now my fuller a-- is going to sleep!!” she quipped. “Goodnight guys. I love you so much. Don’t forget to tell yourself how beautiful and worthy you are of a happy and healthy life.”


Demi has been in the public eye ever since her breakthrough role on ‘Barney and Friends’ in 2002. She played the role of ‘Angela’ for two seasons before moving on to other things.

“She rose to superstardom in 2008 after playing Mitchie Torres in 'Camp Rock', a Disney Channel Original Movie. It was such a success that it achieved a sequel in 2010.

“In 2009, she played Sonny Munroe in Disney Channel’s hit show 'Sonny With A Chance'. It enjoyed two seasons and a total of 47 episodes.”

Then she began to focus more and more on her music.

Her debut album rose to number two on the charts, and her second made it all the way to number one.

It seems she has found her home in the world of pop music. All of her albums have made it into the top five on the charts, and her recent world tour earned her over 21 million dollars.

Now, if the talented 26-year-old can just keep her sights set on her millions of fans, and not the occasional critical article, she is sure to continue to grow in the hearts of fans all over the world.

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