Denzel Washington’s Biggest Fan Was Shocked When He Showed Up At Her Door

October 10, 2017

Denzel Washington is pretty high on the list of highest paid actors in Hollywood. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get lost—after all, technology can only get you so far.

Recently, Denzel Washington was driving through Chicago and got turned around looking for a restaurant. He and his driver pulled over to ask a family for directions.

The family helped give them directions. They then let him know that his biggest fans, Juanita Hubbard, lives just across the street.

“Mama Hubbard” is an 86-year-old great-grandmother. She has lived in her home for almost 50 years. Check out the video of Mama Hubbard meeting Denzel Washington here.

Mama Hubbard is such a huge fan of Denzel Washington that she refuses to choose a favorite movie. She says, “Everything he plays, every film he’s in, that’s my favorite.” In fact, just the night before, Mama Hubbard had been watching “John Q.,” one of Washington’s movies from 2002.

When Washington showed up on her doorstep, Mama Hubbard was shocked. Afterwards, though, she said that talking to him was “just like talking to one of my sons.”

When it was time for Washington to leave, Mama Hubbard wasn’t ready for him to go. She had held his hand during the entire encounter. When he went to leave, she clutched it and joked, “I’m not going to let him go!”

Check out this video of Mama Hubbard talking about her meeting with Washington.

It’s so amazing when celebrities take the time to meet their fans. Mama Hubbard was so blessed by Washington—even though he was just looking for a restaurant! Check out this sweet story of the girl whose life is changed because of Tim Tebow!

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