Beloved Legendary Musician In Critical Condition Due To 'Freak Accident;' Forced To Cancel Tour

September 20, 2018

It comes with great sadness to inform our readers of such devastating news. A beloved rock legend is in critical condition due to a freak accident, and doctors are planning on performing brain surgery. He was found with a cracked skull and blood pouring from his head; he was rushed to the hospital.

At this time, we are asking our readers to keep him in their thoughts and prayers as he is about to go through a difficult time. Many have expressed their feeling through social media sites and have shared their prayers as well. Many fellow musicians and other celebrities have shared their condolences with him on Twitter. Will you join us in praying for his recovery?

One of the founding members of the Allman Brothers Band, and the writer of their smashing hit song, "Ramblin' Man," is needing your prayers.

According to "The Herald Tribune," and "Classic Country Music," longtime manager David Spero confirmed Monday that Dickey Betts has been hospitalized and is in critical condition after a freak accident in his home in Sarasota County, which he shares with his wife.

What Happened

Spero said that Betts "went out to their backyard on Little Sarasota Bay and while playing with the family dog, slipped and crack his head, causing bleeding from the brain."

Betts is currently at the hospital listed as in critical condition, but he is stable. He brain surgery is scheduled for Friday, September 21 to relieve swelling.

Betts' wife Donna is by her husband's side with their children. She said in a statement the following:

"The family appreciates all of your thoughts and prayers during this very trying time,” Donna said. “Dickey is a notorious fighter, and he is displaying that now!”

This fall comes shortly after Betts suffered a "minor stroke" about a month ago resulting in canceling his upcoming tour dates. On September 14, Bets said that he was ready to get back on the road and reschedule his tour dates. Sadly, after this recent hospitalization, Betts has been forced to cancel his November shows.

"It was just a few days ago that Dickey was telling me how excited he was to get back in front of the fans on November 1," Spero said. "It is very unfortunate, for all involved, that we need to cancel those shows. Please add Dickey into your thoughts and prayers.”

Please keep Dickey Betts in your thoughts and prayers!