Disney Princesses Came to 5-Year-Old’s Adoption Proceedings for the Sweetest Reason

November 22, 2017

Danielle is a 5-year-old girl in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She had been in the foster system for years when her foster parents decided to adopt her.

Danielle’s caseworker, Kristina Grey, knew that Danielle had already been through a lot, even though she was only 5-years-old. She wanted to do something special for Danielle so that she could understand how exciting this was.

She decided to figure out a way of making the event more exciting for Danielle. She knew that Danielle loved Disney princesses, so she wanted to get a Disney princess to show up to the courthouse.

Kristina asked a coworker if she would mind dressing up as Cinderella, Danielle’s favorite princess. Word got around that Grey wanted to do this for Danielle, so other coworkers volunteered to dress up as well.

According to Trina Kent, one of Grey’s co-workers, “We were identifying princesses all over the office, and it turned from one caseworker being Cinderella to us having nine princesses and one prince.”

It wasn’t just caseworkers who dressed up for Danielle’s adoption. Even the judge who would be presiding over the adoption dressed up as Snow White.

Danielle’s new adoptive mother shared, “Danielle has really been unsettled about what’s going to happen to her because for the longest time we couldn’t tell her ‘Yes, you’re staying here, and we’re not going anywhere,’ because we didn’t know.”

It’s incredible to see caseworkers doing so much to help Danielle feel comfortable and excited for her new life. This was an incredible way to welcome her into her new family.

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