Zero Talent Required: Create Artwork for Your Home That Looks Like a Million Bucks...For Under a Few Bucks [Video]

May 02, 2018

We all have that dream of beautifully adorned walls and shelves containing artwork. Unfortunately, not many of us have the coin to back up that lavish dream. If you do, can we be friends? Just kidding...but really? 

What if I told you that you could create some pretty stellar art pieces easily with a few household items and a few dollars? No, I'm not joking this time.

You can be the worst artist and still create these cute works of art. Here is what you can expect to make today:

1. Striped Artwork

2. Polka Dot Artwork

3. Circular Patterned Artwork

4. Herringbone Patterned Artwork

I particularly like the last two. You could probably even scale these art pieces to any sized canvas/frame and/or change the colors to fit your color palette.

Here is the DIY video of how to make each of these pieces:

What do you think of these art pieces? Will you be trying any of them? Let us know on Facebook.

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