UPDATE: DNA Testing Ordered For All Male Staff At Arizona Care Facility Where Woman In 14-Year Coma Just Gave Birth

January 09, 2019

Authorities are moving forward with an investigation into the disturbing case of a 29-year-old woman in an Arizona care facility who gave birth to a baby boy on December 29th. The woman, who has not been identified, has been in a coma for at least 14 years with little or no awareness of her surroundings.

How she came to be pregnant - and why the staff denies knowing she was - are two of the most urgent questions that need to be answered.

"The woman had been in a vegetative state for more than 10 years after a near-drowning." A source said. "The staff only learned the patient was pregnant when she began to moan -- an indication she was going into labor.

“None of the staff were aware that she was pregnant until she was pretty much giving birth,” the source told AZ Family.

Law enforcement has obtained a court order to have the DNA tested of all male employees of the Hacienda HealthCare facility in Phoenix, Arizona. Police are hoping that this will give them the answers to at least one of the burning questions.

No statement has been made about testing former staff who may have been employed at the center at the time the baby was conceived.

Although the name of the victim has not been released to the public, we now have some general information about the woman involved.

According to ABC News, San Carlos Apache officials released a statement confirming that the victim is a member of the tribe based in southeastern Arizona. She is reportedly 29, and the new report states that she gave birth to a boy, contradicting earlier reports that the newborn is a girl.

“On behalf of the tribe, I am deeply shocked and horrified at the treatment of one of our members,” tribal chairman Terry Rambler said in the statement, which redacted the woman’s name.

Even though Hacienda HealthCare CEO Bill Timmons has resigned in the wake of this scandal, the Board of Directors said that it is only the beginning of accountability for this horrendous breach of ethics.

Law Enforcement is pulling no punches in calling the crime what it is, falling short of calling the incident a "sex crime." This hesitation has many people outraged.

“I can’t think of a legitimate reason not to call it what it is,” former chief sex crimes investigator Bill Richardson told AZFamily.com.“The woman who gave birth is incapable of giving consent, means that it’s a sexual assault. And it’s that simple.”

But authorities are not the only ones. Members of the medical community, as well as concerned citizens, have spoken out on social media about this disgusting crime.

“What the what? Horrible. Make no mistake: this is the #rape of an at-risk adult, perhaps by a person in a position of trust. Sounds like they’ll ring in 2019 with #DNA tests for the male staff members.”

“Someone raped a helpless woman in a vegetative state, who knows how many times, then NO ONE at this facility noticed she was pregnant for 9 entire months??? Everyone at this facility should go to jail.”

“Then we don't know what the patient heard or may have felt. There is no telling how many times she was raped. Then she gives birth with no medicine, no prenatal care, and alone until they hear her moaning 😥”

"... this victim could not help push the baby out, and it’s a miracle there were not severe complications."

“I don’t believe for a second that no one knew she was pregnant until she was giving birth.

“This is so incredibly disgusting and horrifying, I have no words.”

Fox News reported, “A lawyer for the patient’s family said in a statement Tuesday that the baby boy will ‘be well cared for,’ but that they are shocked and outraged by the ‘neglect of their daughter.’ They also asked for privacy.”

This is a developing story. Check back for additional updates as they become available.

Please continue praying for the family of this sweet little baby and for the safety of all patients at the Health Care facility

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