Do You Speak Doggo Lingo?

December 12, 2017

Dogs are a social phenomenon. People love them—and I don’t just mean love. They adore them. I’m not only talking about other people—I’m also talking about myself. If I’m driving down the street and I see a dog in a car in front of me, I will do everything I can to get a better look at it. Yes, I’m a part of the problem.

But I’m not the only one. The internet is evidence of that. There are pages upon pages of social media sites and websites dedicated to our furry friends. Those pages have even developed their own language. That language is called “DoggoLingo.”

All dogs are called doggos. Small doggos are called puppers, some are even called pupperinos. Other dogs are called fluffers, floofs, and boofers. Regardless of what they look like, though, all of the doggos are good boys and girls.

But, “good boys and girls” isn’t how it’s said in DoggoLingo. Instead, dogs are rated (always 10/10 or higher). Any swearing in DoggoLingo is variations of the word “heck.” Usually, people speaking DoggoLingo will write “h*ckin.’” So, a good doggo is “12/10, h*ckin’ good girl.”

Seems a little strange, right? Maybe it seems like I’m making everything up. Well, there are actually entire groups of people on social media who speak that way.

The Instagram page “We Rate Dogs” rates pictures of dogs. Pictures get sent in and every single dog gets a great rating—most of them are rated at least 12/10.

Another group is the Facebook community “Dogspotting.” It contains over 8,000 people who post photos of dogs to the page to share with others. They can’t just post any photo, though. “Dogspotting” has rules about what can be posted. It can’t be your own dog, you can only share original photos, no service dogs, and most importantly, no politics allowed!

Occasionally, you’ll see a “blep” dog—a dog with its tongue out slightly. Sometimes, you’ll see mlem dog (a dog with its tongue out entirely). Sometimes there are boof dogs (dogs with deep barks). Some dogs bork (dogs with short, staccato barks).

So if you plan on talking about dogs on the Internet, make sure you know what to say. According to some scholars, within a year or two, DoggoLingo could be a part of our everyday language, so get a head start by learning about it now!

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