Dog Health: Keep Your Pets Away From These Foods

November 14, 2017

Unless trained, your dog probably will eat anything that drops to the ground. In some incidences, the food they eat could be the difference between life and death.

Most dog owners know the dangers of certain foods, like chocolate and chicken bones. But what about fruit? Fruit seems harmless, but some can be extremely toxic to dogs.

According to Dr. Sherry Sanderson of the University of Georgia and Dr. Edward Cooper of the Ohio State University, most fruit consumed by dogs is fine if they eat it gingerly.

“Where I have concerns is if pet owners want to give large quantities of these fruits to their dogs,” Sanderson said. “If they get carried away with doing that, they could disrupt the nutrient balance of a complete and balanced commercial diet.”

Both experts suggest the dog owners only provide 10 percent or less of fruit to their dog's regular caloric intake. Sanderson and Cooper both agreed that grapes and raisins could be very dangerous to dogs as it could cause kidney failure.

Avocados should be avoided as many dogs will begin vomiting after consumption. Cherries are also off limits because it can cause cyanide toxicity — dogs may experience tremors, hyperventilation, convulsions, and many other scary symptoms.

While peaches and watermelon are considered OK to eat, the doctors discourage the consumption of the pit and the rind as they can cause intestinal obstruction.

What may be considered a normal snack to us can be extremely dangerous to your dog. Most vets strongly discourage any human food be given to pets. For more information on your dog's diet, consult with your veterinarian. In other news, check out this list of the dumbest dogs. Is your dog on the list? 

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