Dog Left at Shelter for 3 Years Hopes to Find True Love on Dating Site

January 09, 2018

Finding love can be hard for anyone — especially for lonely, shelter dogs. I recently adopted a gentle soul from our local shelter. Our family couldn't have asked for a better match. But as we were exiting the facility, we stopped and turned around. There were so many other gentle souls that wanted a loving home.

We always say that if we won the lottery, we would purchase land and build a "dog oasis." But you need to play the lottery to actually win, right? I think that's how that works.


Meet Henry! He lives at the "Animal Ark Rescue" (AAR) in Columbus, Georgia and is looking for love. Miranda Morrison, the Canine Behavior and Enrichment Coordinator, decided to use a dating site to list Henry.

Henry has been living at AAR for nearly three years. Morrison has had all this time to grow a strong bond with Henry and truly believes he will make a perfect companion for a loving home.


"He is my favorite dog at the shelter," Morrison told TODAY.


Henry is described as a very adventurous dog but enjoys lounging around on the couch with his people watching TV. Henry "loves to get out and go on adventures. After a long day he is content to cuddle up on the couch and watch TV and snuggle with you," Morrison said. "I could go on and on about him."

Morrison believed he would be the perfect date. Here's how the date would go: "He'd be picked up at the shelter for a car ride. Then he and his date would take a nice long walk or a hike, with a break for swimming. They'd get lunch on a patio, and dine on chicken nuggets or sweet potato fries. Then home to a cozy couch for a little living room fetch with a squeaky plush toy, followed by a Netflix marathon and snuggle fest before dozing off into a cozy slumber," Morrison said.


Despite Henry's "Very Good Boy" status at the shelter, he does have a flaw. He does not do well with small children. Like most rescue dogs, they have a history, and sadly, it’s usually an unknown history. Henry could have had a poor encounter with a child back in the day.

Morrison is still convinced that there is someone out there for Henry. He will find his perfect match!


"I vaguely remember silly things from Tinder in my single swiping days," Morrison, who is now married, said. "I think I once matched with pizza? I thought, what if I make Henry a profile? That would be worth a shot."


Henry's profile went live on December 29, 2017, and he has been matched with 14 people.

"Most of them seem delighted," Morrison said. "I think it pleasantly surprises matches when Henry the doggo actually sends them a message."


All of us here are rooting for Henry. We, too, believe he will soon have his happily ever after!


"I know Henry deserves true and unwavering unconditional love for the rest of his life. He leaves paw prints on the hearts of those he loves," Morrison said. "Does Henry sound like the hound for you?"


Henry was admitted to the shelter on February 27, 2015. Are you his perfect match? Check out his full bio here. In other news, a police officer was ambushed by three men. He pressed a button to release the reign of terror — his K9 partner! Do you think this dog is a hero? Check out the article here.

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