Dog Mystified at Human’s Vanishing Magic Trick

March 02, 2018

Sometimes the simplest tricks are the best tricks. Just ask this perplexed dog.


One classic “magic” trick is the old “hide behind a blanket but run away before it drops to make it look like you disappeared” magic trick.


While this trick might not work the best on most of us, it is an instant classic with young children and, as it turns out, dogs too.



A deeper analysis of what makes this trick work is the theory of object permanence. Object permanence is the understanding that something continues to exist even though you cannot see it anymore.


Babies and animals of lesser intelligence struggle to grasp the concept of object permanence. This is why babies can get very upset if you take something away because to them it is gone forever once it leaves their sight.


Gradually over time, we learn that it is possible for an object to still exist even though we can’t see it.


In the case of this confused dog, you can see it contemplate the mysterious nature as to the disappearance of the person behind the blanket.


Watch the video below and see the dog’s hilarious reaction!



Have you ever tried this trick before? It’s an instant classic.


This isn’t the first time this has been tried before on a dog with a funny result either. Check out the next article below to witness another dog’s side-splitting reaction!

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