Abandoned Dog Suffered Horrific Injuries After Being Brutally Attacked with a Shovel

January 24, 2018

Meet Sky! This handsome dog has had a rough life. He was brutally attacked by his previous owner with a shovel, taking off half of his face.

After Sky was hit, he took off and found shelter. No one knows how long he was there, but they believed it was a few days. When another person had found him, they saw dead tissue falling from his face, his right eye had fallen off, he was missing an ear, and an empty eye socket was filled with dirt and grass.


It is a miracle that the infection didn't kill Sky. With a broken and locked jaw, he was destined for death.


The person who found Sky took him to their local adoption center. The shelter put his picture up on their website hoping someone would adopt him. However, the picture was only of his good side. A family wanted him and had him shipped to their house in Germany.

To their surprise, they noticed the horrific injuries he had sustained. They were floored by what they saw and rushed Sky to a local veterinarian. Sadly, the veterinarian staff told the family he should be euthanized. After several other attempts with other veterinarians, they finally found a man who would help.


Last summer, Viktor Larkhill, founder of "Let's Adopt International Extreme Rescue" in Spain, shares a video about Sky and his recovery. He explains that the family tried several veterinarians, but none wanted to help.

In order for Sky to eat, Viktor’s team had to break a few teeth so they could funnel pureed food through to his tongue where he could then swallow. Over the course of months, Sky has been battling infections and severe pain. But he's alive, and he is in good hands.


The family refused to let Sky die, so seeking out Viktor was their only hope. After the blow, Sky's jaw locked. He couldn't eat and had a difficult time drinking water. After Viktor's team determined what was wrong, they knew they needed to operate on Sky and provide him a jaw prosthesis, or a bionic jaw. They had to do it fast. Sky had lost so much time already.

According to Viktor, this kind of surgery is the first ever to be performed on a dog. And it was successful! Sky can finally open his mouth and eat. Check out the video below of Sky eating. This day was a huge success!



After Sky’s successful operation, he was reunited with his family and their other dog, who Sky missed terribly. Sky’s buddy, a large Bernese Mountain dog, was overjoyed to see him again. The couple began to cry when they saw their brave dog — they couldn’t stop kissing and hugging him when they finally were reunited. Sky has a family that loves him and reassures him every day how much they do.

Check out the video of the family reuniting with Sky below!



For another family video, check out this one out with the entire family!


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