Dog Takes 3 Bullets for 16-Year-Old Boy During Home Invasion

February 28, 2018

16-year-old Javier Mercado was alone in his Seattle home last week when he heard noises coming from outside. Strangers began banging on the glass door and soon Javier heard glass shatter. He quickly ran to his phone and dialed 9-1-1 while hiding in a closet.



Javier has a 2-year-old German Shepherd named Rex. When Rex heard the strangers outside, his instincts quickly kicked in.


"My dog sprinted downstairs and started barking really loud, and I could hear everything," Javier said. "I could hear them getting closer and closer through the creak in the floor."



Time must have felt so fast, but so slow at the same time for Javier. As the criminals creeped through his home, Rex was waiting there for them.


"Then one of the guys screamed, 'Get the dog, the dog bit me, the dog bit me!' Then I heard one gun shot, then several after that. My dog cries after each shot. It's the worst thing I've ever seen."


After several shots were fired, the burglars darted out of the house leaving Rex covered in blood. Javier quickly rushed to Rex's aid and drove him to an animal hospital. Javier found out that Rex took three bullets.



"You know, they didn't hesitate shooting Rex and hold back on anything," Javier explained. "If Rex wasn't there, they would have opened that door and they would have saw me in there."


Rex has had to undergo several surgeries which is racking up thousands of dollars. Thankfully, the community stepped in and offered their help to pay for Rex's surgeries.



Julia told KIRO7 that Rex is going home, but will need to take it easy. After surgeries like these, Rex will likely have arthritis which he will then need to go to physical therapy for treatment.



Now that Rex is home, the family is still very concerned that the criminals are still on the loose. Julia said that they will be moving to a different home. The memories and emotions from that night are traumatizing.


The family said that they are beyond grateful for the money everyone has contributed to their GoFundMe account. After they make sure all the bills are paid for, they will decide on what to do with the remaining money.



Local channel Q13 stated that while the family was at the vet with Rex one day, their house got broken into for the second time. Sadly, these criminals were not caught either. The police are unsure if they are the same suspects as the original break-in, or if they are a completely different set of thieves.



"That's my little guy right there, that's my best friend," Javier said about Rex. "He's really traumatized. Fast reactions will scare him, kind of like he'll jump. We'll get through it. We'll work on it slowly."



Please pray for this family tonight as they have endured so much. Pray for their hearts and minds, and most of all, their safety. If you feel inclined to help financially, you can visit their GoFundMe account here.


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