Injured Dog Takes Itself to the Vet

January 08, 2018

Most dogs do not like going to the vet, but this dog might be an exception.



A dog in Thailand somehow managed to get a cut near his eye. He evidently knew what to do next as he eventually found his way to the local vet where he was found pawing at the door.


Veterinarian Siramanee Wongpitayadisai soon took care of the injured Golden Retriever, patching him up and putting a cone collar on him to keep it from scratching his injury.



The next step was finding this dog’s owner. They knew he wasn’t a stray since he was very well behaved and would obey commands.


After a tour of the neighborhood proved to be unsuccessful, they took to their Facebook page to try to find the friendly dog’s owner.


It didn’t take long before the dog’s owner came across their post and the two were reunited.



The dog’s owner, Suraphol Kongsup, a motorcycle repair shop owner, was surprised that his dog managed to find his way to the vet.


The dog managed to injure itself in the ensuing excitement when some children came over to play but ran off in the confusion of sustaining the injury.


Somehow, the dog then wound up at the nearby veterinary clinic where he was treated by the friendly staff.


Have you ever known a dog that would do this? Let us know in the comments!


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