Dog Was Barking Frantically—When He Went to See Why, He Was Shocked to See His Neighbor

February 13, 2018

Mack is a 7-year-old black labrador retriever. Usually, he’s a very laid-back dog. He rarely barks or gets worked up.

That’s why his owner was shocked one day when Mack wouldn’t stop barking. Dave Scott was annoyed, so he went out to check on the dog.

That’s when he realized what the dog was barking at. Dave’s neighbor, Marcia Allen, was lying in her background.

“I could just see the corner of her coat, rolling back and forth,” Dave shared. He just assumed that Marcia had dropped something. But when he walked toward her, he realized that it was much worse.

He asked her what she was doing on the ground. She was unable to respond, though. She could only speak in slurred words. When he got a look at her face, he realized that she was having a seizure: one side of her face was starting to droop.

Dave knew that he needed to contact emergency services. He immediately called 911 and helped Marcia as best he could while they got there.

After two days in the hospital, Marcia had mostly recovered. She credits her neighbor’s dog with saving her life.

“It was crazy,” Marcia shared. “He barked so long and so loud. It was kind of a frantic bark, he knew something was wrong. He had that sixth sense that something wasn’t right.”

What an incredible hero! He’s definitely the hero she needed right then! In other news, check out these facts about hummingbirds. Read about it here.

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