Country Music Legend Dolly Parton Donates 100 Millionth Book to Children

February 28, 2018

Country music legend Dolly Parton continues to leave an amazing legacy as she just donated her 100 millionth book to charity.


Parton started her Imagination Library charity in 1995. The Imagination Library sends free books to children until they start school no matter what their parents’ income is.



In less than 10 years, the Imagination Library donated one million books. Parton then expanded the library’s operations into Canada, Australia, and the UK which pushed donations into the tens of millions.


Today, the Imagination Library mails out over one million books to children across the globe each and every month.


Her 100 millionth book will go to the Library of Congress in Washington, DC.


Parton’s father was illiterate and this inspired her to create the Imagination Library to inspire young children around the world to read.


“My daddy couldn’t read and write and that always troubled him and bothered him,” said Parton. “I wanted to do something special for him.”


“I got the idea to to start this program and let my dad help me with it,” she continued. “He got to live long enough to hear the kids call me the ‘Book Lady!’”


Even at 100 million books, she doesn’t have any hopes of slowing down. “Maybe we’ll be back for a billion,” she said. We all hope she is still around to see it happen!


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