Famous Celebrity Arrested for Sexually Assaulting 1,000+ Women With Help From Girlfriend

September 18, 2018

In a quickly unraveling case, a former reality TV star and his girlfriend are now being accused of allegedly sexually assaulting more than a 1,000 woman. Two of these accusations include the drugging and rape of at least two women. 

However, the case is still open, so more is sure to come to light. Pictures from the couple's phone points to many more than 1,000 potential victims. The pair was arrested on September 6th.

A local news source states, "OCDA Tony Rackauckas held a news conference in Santa Ana, where he announced charges against 38-year-old Grant William Robicheaux and 31-year-old Cerissa Laura Riley. The two were charged with sexually assaulting two women by use of drugs."


Dr. Grant William Robicheaux formerly stared in a Bravo reality show, "Online Dating Rituals of the American Male," and was a very sought-after surgeon in the area. Both Robicheaux and his girlfriend, Riley, were described as "'clean-cut, good-looking people.'"

It was their charm and good looks that they used to prey on innocent victims at festivals and bars. They allegedly would drug these women, or get them drunk to where they passed out, and then bring the victims back to their apartment. 

The local news source also went on to say, "The two alleged victims came forward with encounters they had with the pair in 2016. In April of 2016, Jane Doe 1 was met by the two at a restaurant in Newport Beach and invited to a party. Once intoxicated, the 32-year-old woman was allegedly taken to Robicheaux's apartment, where she was allegedly drugged and raped. She contacted Newport Beach police the next day and tested positive for multiple drugs, Rackauckas said.

"In October 2016, Robicheaux and Riley are accused of drinking alcohol with Jane Doe 2 at a bar in Newport Beach until the alleged victim was no longer conscious. The two are accused of then taking Jane Doe 2 to Robicheaux's apartment and sexually assaulting her with the intent to commit rape. The woman woke up and screamed for help until a neighbor called Newport Beach police, who responded and investigated the case."

Local authorities encourage anyone to come forward with any information they may have about the accused party, even if you think you might be a victim.

"Prosecutors believe there may be many more alleged victims who may have met Robicheaux and Riley at events like Burning Man and the Splash House Festival in Palm Springs. If you believe you have been a victim or have information related to the crime and defendants, call Supervising Investigator Eric Wiseman at 714-347-8794."

What a terrible act. What do you think about this?