Freak Accident With Drinking Glass Leaves Toddler Paralyzed - Heartbroken Family Issues Dire Warning And Asks For Prayers

February 21, 2019

In what can only be described as a freak accident, a two-year-old girl has been left partially paralyzed and remains hospitalized in serious condition. Now, her parents are issuing a dire warning to all moms, dads, and caretakers about a common household item that can present a hidden danger - and most of us would never think of it.

It all started out so innocently, but within a matter of minutes turned into a life-threatening emergency from which the little girl is still recovering from.

Jaclyn Derks, a Canadian two-year-old was playing with her five-year-old sister at their grandparents’ home, constructing a ‘blanket fort’ as part of their play.

Fox News reports, “Jaclyn’s mother, Kayla Rudichuk, said she received the panicked call from her parents that her daughter was being rushed to the hospital, and that feared she would lose her daughter.

According to the GoFundMe page, “Jaclyn has been hospitalized since July 22 and is in intensive physical therapy twice per day at Alberta Children’s Hospital.

Here’s how it all happened:

“On Sunday, July 22nd baby Jackie had a terrible accident. She was playing, laughing and being as joyous as always when she fell between a couch and a bed, onto a household drinking glass.

“The glass shattered under Jackie and went into the back of her neck. The glass severed Jackie's spinal cord and she went into an emergency surgery that evening.”

The good news is that Jaclyn survived her injury, but has a long way to go for a complete recovery. Her family asks for continued prayers and, if possible, financial support as the medical expenses pile up.

Jaclyn’s mom, Kayla Rudichuk has a warning to other parents. She hopes caretakers will be extra vigilant as their precious little ones are playing, and that Jaclyn’s story will be a reminder to them to “Pay as close attention as you can to your babies and keep them close because you never know what can happen,” she said.

It’s so good to know that sweet Jaclyn is receiving the very best care possible and, through it all, she has the love and devotion of her family to see her through the difficult times.

To learn more about Jaclyn’s story, watch the video, below.


"Today Jackie is recovering from her surgery. She is breathing on her own and even speaking to everyone around her. Unfortunately, Jackie cannot move her left leg at this time. We are hopeful and are all praying for this little girl to be able to walk again.

"Jackie was always the life of any situation. She loves to run and play with her 5-year-old sister, and we want nothing more than for that to be in her future again. She is surrounded by friends and family who love her dearly and wish her nothing but love and good health."

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