Driver Hears Crying Coming From His Car, Pulls Over and Makes Shocking Discovery

March 28, 2018

An Australian motorist was on his way to a family member’s house when he discovered he had an unexpected passenger with him.


While he was making his journey, the driver kept getting flagged down by other motorists so he pulled over thinking something was wrong with his car. Unable to spot anything out of the ordinary with his vehicle, he continued on his journey.




10 miles later, once he arrived at his destination, he heard crying coming from underneath his car. It was then he found his stowaway hiding in the wheel arch of his vehicle. A terrified koala.



After calling the local koala rescue facility and with the help of the fire department, rescuers were able to remove the wheel from the vehicle to remove the frightened koala.


“She was stuck in there, I tried to get her out but she was really wedged in there tight and hanging on for dear life,” said wildlife rescuer Jane Brister. “She had superficial injuries that we could see, she was covered in grease and muck from under the car.”



The frightened koala was taken to the vet to be treated and is expected to make a full recovery.  


Wildlife officials believe the koala climbed on the vehicle sometime during the night thinking it was a nice cozy spot for a nap when quite the opposite was the truth.


Fortunately, the koala survived the unexpected journey and has quite the story to tell when she eventually gets released back into the wild.


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