Driver Uses Tesla ‘Autopilot’ Function Down Freeway While in Passenger Seat—Footage Caught on Tape and Now He is Paying

April 30, 2018

I’m sure any sane person knows that the “autopilot” function of any car is meant to assist the driver, but of course, not replace the driver. One man from England, Bhavesh Patel, 39, plead guilty to such a crime after he was caught on video by a stranger and reported to the police.

He was using the car’s autopilot function to drive the car while he relaxed in the passenger’s seat. Dude, come on. lol

He now faces a penalty of 18 months without his driver’s license, all prosecution costs, and 100 hours of community service over a 10-day period. Police hope this will be a warning to other drivers on the road who think it is safe to not pay attention to the road while on a vehicle’s autopilot.

The car he was driving was a $70,000 Tesla. The driver believed he had justification for his actions. One source states, “The driver (or passenger) said he knew the stunt was “silly,” but claimed the car was capable of something “amazing” and he was just the “unlucky one who got caught.”

Well, Patel, the Autopilot feature is nowhere near capable of such a feat...yet. You still have to pay attention. However, according to “CEO Elon Musk, though notorious for his overly ambitious timelines, expects level 5 autonomy in a Tesla by 2019.”

However, they still haven’t made it there, so if you have a car with autopilot, we urge you to not use it as a crutch and always pay attention. For even autopilot isn’t as sophisticated as the naked eye.

In one case, a car crashed when one driver kept his hand off the wheel for an extended period of time. The car’s “Autopilot feature reportedly failed to recognize the white side of a truck against a bright sky and drove under the trailer.” This ended up killing the driver.

What do you think about this driver’s actions? Do you think the penalty fit the crime?

In other news, here is your daily update on Bush’s recovery and hospitalization. Will you continue praying with us as he recovers?

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