Drone Pilot Shows You How It Feels to Be an Eagle Soaring in the Mountains in This Breathtaking Video

September 22, 2017

Humans have dreamt about flying for thousands of years. Many different cultures around the world have myths about attempted flight, with the Greek story of Icarus being the most popular.

Since the invention of airplanes, human flight is now possible, but not quite to the level of freedom that an eagle would have soaring close to mountain peaks. With the increased popularity of drones and small high-definition cameras, we now can get as close as we will ever get to that experience.

Drone pilot and YouTuber Gab707 has two hobbies, mountain climbing, and flying drones. He combines both hobbies to create amazing videos of what it is like to soar among the rocky peaks of the Swiss Alps.

The type of drone that Gab707 uses is an FPV drone, meaning he wears a special set of video goggles to see exactly what the drone sees. In the high altitude of the Swiss Alps, the drone’s propellers need to be specially made in order to work in the thin alpine air. The drone also needs a heavy duty battery in order to work for just a few minutes in that altitude.

Take a look at some of his breathtaking videos!

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