Video: Watch What Happens When You Drop a Bowling Ball 150 Feet Onto a Trampoline

March 19, 2018

Give a group of guys a 150-foot tower and eventually, they will start throwing things off of it. It’s only a matter of time.


Case in point, the YouTubers “How Ridiculous.” They have a 150-foot tower at their disposal and their videos of throwing things off of it have received millions of views.




Watermelons, exercise balls filled with water, 1,700 golf balls, you name it, they’ve thrown it off the tower.



Their latest video involves throwing a bowling ball off the tower and onto a trampoline.


The video was posted to YouTube just last week, and it already has over 15 million views.


Watch the shenanigans unfold in the video below!



If you expected a bowling ball to get launched high into the air, well, the bowling ball does just that. It still makes for a great video, however.



If you had a 150-foot tower in your backyard, what would you throw off of it? Let us know your ideas in the comments! I would throw a giant pumpkin or something else large that would go splat.


In other news, this girl’s reaction to riding a carnival slingshot ride is going viral, and for good reason too! Watch it all in the next article below!

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