Elderly Dog Overjoyed After Receiving a Puppy for Christmas

December 29, 2017

You aren’t the only one who loves puppies. This elderly dog’s reaction to getting a puppy for Christmas is sure to melt your heart.


Cash is a 12-year-old golden retriever and the video of him getting a new friend is going viral.



According to his owner, Marie Ahonen, Cash has been feeling lonely these past few years after his sister, Rosie, passed away three years ago.


Marie hoped that a new friend would help raise Cash’s spirits, so they decided to get a new dog over Christmas as a present for him.


“We decided that we would get Cash an extra special Christmas present. He was so excited when the puppy popped out of the box,” said Marie.


The new golden retriever, Jennings, was put in a neatly wrapped box and placed in front of Cash on Christmas morning.



When the lid pops off the box, Cash’s excitement is easy to see. Cash may not have the energy that he used to have, but the sight of the little bundle of joy clearly brings him great joy.


“I knew he would be good with the new dog, but I never expected the reaction of pure joy,” Marie said. “I had tears watching him.”


Jennings became instant friends with Cash. “There’s now so much joy and sparkle in Cash’s eyes,” continued Marie. “He’s got a new lease on life.”


Watch the adorable video below and do your best not to cry!



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