Electric Car Owners Feeling Betrayed; Socked With Exorbitant New Fees After Making ‘Green’ Choice

May 13, 2019

Owners of environmentally-friendly electric and hybrid vehicles are being paid back for their ‘green’ choice by getting slammed with exorbitant new taxes. And the move is being blamed on the loss of gasoline-tax revenue to the government coffers.

Of course, this does not apply to European countries where electric car ownership is still encouraged. But, leave it to the United States to send out mixed signals in their so-called commitment to ‘green energy.’

First, they hand out incentives to get millions of drivers to convert from their “filthy gas-guzzling” cars to the ‘preferred’ type of energy-consuming vehicles. Then, the pull the big switcheroo. And the gullible consumers are stuck.

“Now even some states with incentives—most notably California, home to roughly half of all electric cars in the country—are turning to fees as way to ensure that electric drivers pay their fair share to maintain roads and bridges.”

Historically, such infrastructure maintenance is supported through gasoline taxes. With the drastic reduction in revenues due to electric car ownership, many state legislatures are scrambling to find new ways to get money.

According to Bloomberg, "24 states have imposed special fees on EVs, according to a national association of state legislatures. More states are poised to follow."

In Illinois, for example, a state that is facing already bankruptcy due to failed liberal policies, one legislator has proposed a $1000 per year fee from electric cars, up from the current $17.50.

The proposal would raise the annual registration fee more than 57 times the current amount.

“The bill was introduced last week by Chicago state Sen. Martin Sandoval, a Democrat who says the registration fee hike is imperative to help fund necessary infrastructure improvements.”

And of course, they are raising the gas tax as well.

“The bill would also make things more expensive for residents who drive non-electric cars.”

The legislator is proposing the nearly tripling of the current rate of taxation per gallon of gasoline. The registration fees for traditional gas-engine cars is doubling as well.


“The state's gas tax would go up 19 cents to 44 cents a gallon, fees for driver’s licenses would double and the registration fee for non-electric vehicles would go up nearly 50% from $98 to $148.”

Illinois residents understand and begrudgingly accept the increase in the gas tax; that is the expected part of this bill. But electric car owners are feeling betrayed by this sudden reversal, after making sacrifices to own the government-pushed EVs.


“It’s outrageous,” Tesla owner Nicoletta Skarlatos, 56, told the Chicago Tribune. “I thought Illinois was progressive and would want to encourage EV (electric vehicle) ownership.”

The reason for the extreme hikes are that electric vehicles don't provide the state any gas tax revenue. Electric vehicle companies Tesla and Rivian say they're against the legislation.


“Imposing fees on EVs that are over 400 percent more than their gasoline-powered counterparts is not only unfair, it discourages promising new technology that will reduce our dependence on petroleum, reduce emissions, and promote the Illinois economy,” Rivian spokesman Michael McHale told the Chicago Tribune.

As much as we feel the pain of EV owners, we can’t help but wonder why they are so surprised. If you live in a high-taxation state, there is literally NOTHING safe from the long-armed reach of money-hungry politicians.

In light of this deceptive move, all we can say is “Good luck" to any and all politicians pushing for any sort of ‘Green New Deal.’ Smart Americans simply will NOT fall for it!

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