Baby Elephant Discovers Hilarious Way to Travel Downhill

January 11, 2018

Young elephants are very curious and playful which usually leads to cute videos that go viral on the internet. This is definitely one of those cases.

A baby elephant in southwest China named Yang Niu was going for a walk through the jungle with one of its caretakers when it came across a muddy path down the hillside.

With gravity on its side, Yang Niu quickly discovered that sliding down the hill took almost no effort at all and was way more fun than trying to walk down.

The sight of an elephant sliding downhill on its knees at a surprisingly quick speed is guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

I hope there wasn’t anyone coming up the path in the other direction, or they would be in for the surprise of their life!

Hopefully, we get to see a fully grown Yang Niu continue her sliding adventures in the future for the ultimate mode of transport!

Yang Niu was abandoned as an infant as she suffered from an infection. Luckily she was taken in by animal rescuers and taken to an elephant sanctuary.

Two years later, she is a healthy and adventurous young elephant as the video shows. Her caretakers take her up into the mountains each day to get her used to living in the wild.

“The goal is for her to come outside every day and let her hang out with adult Asian elephants to learn about and taste different foods,” said Yang Niu’s primary caretaker, Chen Jiming.

“It is necessary for her to go back into the wild. Since she is still relatively small, if we keep her captive, she will lose her wild nature and food seeking skills,” Jiming continued.

“We let her mingle with other elephants so that she will survive and eventually live freely in the wild.”

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