Sad Update: Gruesome Details Revealed In Case Of Missing 5-Year-Old Girl As Uncle Charged With Aggravated Murder

May 29, 2019

Elizabeth Shelley, who disappeared on May 25th along with her Uncle Alex Whipple, has been the subject of a nationwide search.

After an exhaustive investigation that spanned four days, we finally know the whereabouts of the missing little girl from Utah, but the results are not what we had prayed for.

Multiple sources are now reporting that the body of little Elizabeth Shelley, 5, who disappeared from her family home in Utah over the Memorial Day weekend, has been found.

After pursuing what police call "a very credible tip," the little girl's body was found close to her Logan, Utah home, along with incriminating evidence that points to her uncle as her killer.

“Elizabeth was last seen at about 2 a.m. on Saturday, and both she and her uncle were gone the next morning when her mother woke up. Whipple was apprehended later that afternoon while walking in Logan,” At the time, Elizabeth’s body had not yet been found.

“An attorney for Alex Whipple, Elizabeth’s uncle and the main suspect in her disappearance, confirmed the discovery of remains.

“Earlier Wednesday, Logan police announced murder and kidnapping charges against Whipple.

Whipple was arrested charged with murder and kidnapping even before Elizabeth’s body was found. The charges were based on evidence found near the site of the little girl’s disappearance.

The Utah Statesman reports, “Court documents state various items have been located near Shelley’s home containing DNA evidence from Whipple and Shelley.

“Authorities have found a broken and bloody knife that is consistent with a knife missing from the home, the documents state.

“Authorities have also located a PVC pipe with a red substance on it as well as a ‘hastily buried’ teal skirt matching a description given of an item of Shelley’s clothing.

“Whipple’s watch and hooded sweatshirt also tested positive for Shelley’s DNA.”

It is being reported that Elizabeth’s body was located based upon very specific information provided by Whipple.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates as new details become available.

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