Ellen Just Gave Helen Mirren an Extra Year of Life

January 19, 2018

Kids always know exactly how old they are. They get excited for their birthdays and claim, “I’m 11 and ¾” at every opportunity. It’s not quite the same for adults, though.

Around the time that people start dreading their birthdays, they start forgetting them. When you’ve gone through decades of life, it’s hard to keep track of which year you’re on.

It seems like it would be a little easier to keep track of when you can Google your name and have your whole life story pop up. However, that’s not necessarily true.

Helen Mirren recently made an appearance on “Ellen.” At one point, Ellen said, “You are...72.” Helen immediately corrected her: “73.”

Ellen then asked if she’s sure. Helen looked very confused for a moment, then says, “I think I’m 73. My husband and I we forget.”

Helen then went on to share that she’s six months older than her husband. Apparently, this year they thought he was 74. She shared, “We thought we were 74 and then we worked it out and we were like oh no no no, we’re 73.”

When she eventually gets confirmation that she truly is on 72, she exclaims, “This is fantastic! I’ve made a whole year!”

Helen then went on to share that she thinks about retiring every morning. She says that instead of going to parties, or acting, or appearing on “Ellen,” she just wants to stay home and watch TV.

Check out the full video below.

Between forgetting her age and just wanting to stay home and watch TV, I think we can all relate to Helen Mirren! In other news, you have to see this husband’s incredible response when he found out his wife was pregnant after he had a vasectomy. Check out the story here.

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