Ellen Surprised This Navy Girlfriend in the Sweetest Way

January 25, 2018

We all know and love Ellen Degeneres. Whether she’s chatting with celebrities, helping out animals, or making her fans’ dreams come true—she knows how to bring us a smile.

In one of Ellen’s latest shows, she started reading a letter from a man in the Navy. She started, “Good Morning Miss Ellen, my name is Noah Copeland and I’m a supply officer in the United States Navy.”

When she started reading the letter, the camera panned to the audience. One of the audience members had hunched over and started crying as soon as Ellen shared the name.

Ellen continued, “I’m currently deployed overseas, but I make sure my girlfriend keeps me up to date on what’s happening with the show. My beautiful girlfriend Maura has got to be your biggest fan. She watches your show every day and I know you’re the reason she’s been able to get through this deployment.”

Through the letter, Noah shared that he has been deployed for over a year now. He was supposed to come home at the end of January, but schedules got rearranged, so now they’re not sure when he will make it home.

When Ellen finished reading the letter, she said, “And Maura’s here. Come on, Maura.”

Ellen started asking Maura some questions about where Noah is and their relationship. Maura shared that while he’s been away, she will Facetime Noah so that he can still watch Ellen with her.

Maura had no idea when he would be able to come home. Especially after the recent government shutdown, many of the flights were canceled.

At the end of the conversation, Ellen said that she wanted Maura to come back for Ellen’s birthday episode because that’s what Noah wanted for her. Ellen yelled out, “Bring Maura the tickets to the birthday show!”

Maura hugged Ellen instead of looking over at who was walking out. But when she noticed that it was Noah, her reaction is priceless. Watch the video here.

Maura and Noah had been saving up so that they could take a trip together when he got back. However, Maura saw how difficult things were for people in Puerto Rico and the couple decided to donate that money to relief funds instead of using it for a vacation. Ellen gave them a vacation to Hawaii so they could still have a vacation together.

What a sweet gesture from Ellen—and an incredible reaction from this sweet couple!

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