Legendary Music Superstar’s Last-Minute Cancellation Of Sold-Out Concert Leaves Fans Livid, Raises Serious Questions About The Aging Rocker’s Health

November 28, 2018

It was a bitter disappointment for fans, some of whom were seeing the musical genius for the very first time. But after waiting for hours for the legend to appear, they got the news no one wanted to hear: He wasn't coming.

The concert, part of rock star Elton John's 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour' which was to have been held on Tuesday night in Orlando’s Amway Center, was canceled due to the star's health.


The 71-year-old singer was forced to call off his performance at the Orlando Amway Center due to an ear infection, the center announced on Twitter.  No further details were given on the condition of the singing sensation, but fans were told that the performance would be rescheduled.


“We're sorry to announce that due to an ear infection, Elton John is unable to perform tonight. The rescheduled Orlando date will be announced in the near future so please hold onto your tickets.”

Fans wished the legendary musician the best after the sold-out show, part of his final tour, was called off. Many of them took to social media to express their concern for their rock idol.


“Bummer... tonight’s SOLD OUT 8pm Elton John concert was canceled at 8:20pm due to an ear infection. Feel better soon Sir Elton! ☹️”

Others, however, were a bit skeptical about the news.


“I’m not holding my breath. I think they said that so they didn’t have a revolt on their hands.”


Not only was the performance canceled last-minute, but it was also actually announced AFTER it was supposed to have begun:


“That feeling when they tell you the show is canceled 30 mins after the show was supposed to start: 😡”

One fan took a more philosophical, albeit sarcastic, tone:


“Elton John just canceled his show bc of an ear infection 😩. On the plus side, parking and two drinks only cost $97.”

Another fan suggests that Sir Elton may be making a habit of last-minus cancellations:


”Team @eltonofficial - you need to make this right. You wasted the time and money of thousands of people tonight. For me, evening-of cancellations have happened BOTH times I’ve attempted to see him. Shameful. #eltonfarewelltour (only if he shows up)

No matter which side of the controversy you are on - concerned about Sir Elton's health, or ticked off because of the way the cancellation was handled - there's one thing we can all agree on. We all wish the rock legend a speedy recovery and hope to see him back on stage very soon.

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