Emaciated Dog Dangles from Balcony for 5 Hours Until Heroes Come Along

February 01, 2018

Most of us know that when we own a dog, it's a lot of responsibility. If we can no longer care for that animal, then we need to do our due diligence and find that dog a proper home.


Unfortunately, one person thought leaving a dog on a balcony with no food or water until it dies is good enough.

A German Shepherd was left chained up to an apartment balcony for days without food or water. The dog became so desperate for food; she jumped over the ledge while still attached to the chain.

The dog was now dangling from the balcony rails as the metal pierced through her skin. She began to howl in pain, which, fortunately, reached the attention of good samaritans — five hours later.

The neighbor and others were able to break into the apartment and pull her to safety. However, she wasn't in the clear just yet.

The dog was taken a veterinarian emergency hospital in Egypt to be treated. She was skin and bones and, due to the metal chain around her throat, she suffered a major laceration in her neck.

The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) was able to continue her treatment until she was ready to be discharged to a better home. Fortunately, “Special Needs Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation” (SNARR) in the United States offered to take her.

After weeks of recovery, she was sent to SNARR where she was given the name Bella. Today, she is in a home in Houston, Texas where she is spending the rest of her life with her new loving family, including a dog-brother! In other news, an abandoned dog suffered horrific injuries after being struck by a shovel. Check out her amazing story here!


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