Emotional Videos of Missing Dogs Reunited With Their Families

January 23, 2018

There is something about a dog that brings so much extra love into a house. Children can benefit from a dog in the family, especially for their health.

According to a study, during a child's first year of life with a pet, they had fewer ear infections and colds than children without a pet in the house. Just with that tidbit of knowledge, I don't understand why all families don't have dogs.


Among the viral videos out there, the best are videos of children reuniting with their best pal that went missing. Let’s take a look at several below. Be sure to have a tissue with you before viewing!


This little boy's dog had been missing for over a month! The mother saw the dog at another family's home and kindly asked to have their dog, Kase, back. Watch when the young boy sees Kase!



A soldier's dog had gone missing for weeks. She was devastated but never gave up hope and kept searching for their family dog. One day, she found the dog at a shelter. Watch how the dog reacts when she sees her person!



Meet Sky. A dog who had a rough life. A terrible person took a shovel and hit him across the face. The evil act took off half of his skull, his right eye, and destroyed the muscles and nerves further damaging his jaw. Fortunately, he was able to get his right side reconstructed and has a wonderful family.




When a Colorado family crashed in Kansas City, their family dog bolted. The dog was so scared after the crash that he ran away. With the help from Kansas City residents, the family was reunited with their sweet boy!




Similar to the story above, a Georgia couple's dog had been missing for over two years after a terrible car accident. When they reunited, tears begin to flow.



Finally, a elderly woman recently encountered a terrible tornado. It obliterated her entire home, leaving only pieces. Sadly, she couldn't find her dog anywhere. She said that she believed he was under the house remnants. During the interview with CBS News, the reporter noticed a dog under pieces of her house. Check out her reaction below.



What do you think about these videos? Let us know on our Facebook page! In other news, a police officer was ambushed by three men. It wasn’t until he pressed a button to release the reign of terror — his K-9 partner, that things began to happen! Check out the intense article here!


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