Employee Uses Potato Chip Bag to Skip Work for 2 Years

December 06, 2017

In any field of work, most management departments have heard every excuse under the sun. While some reasons for missing work are true and valid, others take advantage and abuse the policy.

Take this electrician for example. Tom Colella, 60, cleverly used a potato chip bag to help him skip work for two years. Two years! And, yes, a potato bag. Colella has been employed at this company for 20 years.

Here's how he was able to play golf 140 times, with 21 of those days in just one, single month. As most electricians and other service providers, they use GPS tracking devices for active assignments, completed work, and locations. Colella used an empty foil potato chip bag to block the GPS tracking and then sealed the bag to prevent any signal from getting through.

When he was confronted with this issue, Colella stated that his equipment was malfunctioning. After an investigation, the Australia's Fair Work Commission concluded that he was deliberate about his intention of the foil bag blocking GPS signal.

Colella's bag of choice was "Twisties," and while that bag was effective, he still managed to update the details of his assignments deceptively.

After 20 years of employment and following the investigation, Colella was fired.

What do you think about Colella's sneaky antics? Have you heard of anyone doing something like this to skip work? Share with us! We'd love to hear about it! In other news, In-N-Out Burger is opening 50 new locations. Find out if it's coming to a place near you!

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