‘Unadoptable’ Deaf, Homeless Puppy Was Scheduled to Be Euthanized–Look Where He Is Today

March 05, 2018

Two years ago, Ghost was found in wandering the streets in Florida when he was only three months old. As if his situation wasn’t difficult enough already, Ghost is also deaf.


Ghost is a high energy dog, and his deafness combined with his occasional indifference to people led the shelter to deem him as “unadoptable” as his owners would have to learn how to communicate with him.


Unfortunately for young Ghost, he was scheduled to be euthanized since no one would adopt him. Just before the scheduled date, Swamp Haven Humane, his shelter in Florida, tried to give him one last shot.



They reached out to Olympic Peninsula Humane Society on the other side of the country in Port Angeles, Washington in the hopes that they would take him in. And they did!


Ghost’s story gets even better after his cross-country journey to the state of Washington. Once he arrived at the new humane society, he was taken in by Barb Davenport.


Barb is a US Army veteran who spent her career working in the Army’s K-9 division. According to her, the best part of her job is taking in dogs who might not find forever homes and help them become an important member of their community.


When she first bet Ghost, “he was very focused and determined to locate his ball when thrown or hidden,” she said. That’s when she knew he could be a good K-9 dog.


All of Washington’s DOC K-9s were originally shelter dogs, and Barb has trained over 450 rescued dogs into narcotics dogs.



Today, Ghost is two and a half years old and is in training as a narcotics detection dog for the Washington DOC.


He has found his “forever home” with new handler Joe Henderson and is serving his community as the first ever deaf K-9 in the state of Washington.



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