Exciting News Just Revealed About Prince Harry and Meghan Markle; You Won't Want To Miss This

June 11, 2018

Some exciting news has just come in about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The news was just released by Kensington Palace on Twitter.

The newlyweds are not even a month into their marriage, but seem to be very happy and enjoying their new titles as husband and wife. Many are wondering what they will be up to next.

There are several publications claiming that the couple is pregnant, other publications are even claiming they are having twins. While it may be true — highly unlikely at this time — it has yet to be confirmed by the palace or Harry and Meghan. 

When the couple is ready to have children, which is likely to be soon as they both want to start a family, we will be very excited for the happy couple. Aside from children, Kensington Palace shared some other exciting news. 

The Duke and Duchess will be taking an extensive trip to several fascinating locations. They will be traveling to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, and the Kingdom of Tonga in the fall. 


In the press release, the palace wrote that they will also be visiting Sydney for the Invictus Games in late October. The Invictus Games was actually created by Prince Harry himself. It's a multi-sporting event for disabled veterans and service men and women. Sports include wheelchair basketball, sitting volleyball, and indoor rowing. 

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What do you think about their upcoming trip? Let us know what you think! In other news, Princess Charlotte takes a potentially life-threatening fall of the palace's balcony. Check out who saves the day!

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