F3: Fitness, Fellowship & Faith

July 18, 2017

This new trend is sweeping the nation for men and their faith. Fitness, Fellowship and Faith (F3) is the title of their movement and now has 15,000 men participating in 18 different states.

This daily routine is 45 minutes full of fitness, fellowship, and faith. It didn’t start out with 15,000 men, though. It started with two guys, David Redding and Tim Whitmire, motivated to get out of the typical middle-aged rut. Family, jobs, kids and very little exercise were the reasons they decided to start this group.

John Lambert, an F3 member, says, “For me, though, fitness is probably last at this point. The fellowship is the biggest part.” Paul Hulbert, another F3 member, says “I think men start working and start living life and they don’t realize something is sort of dying inside.”

The F3 group has come up with their own lingo based on military, sports and pop culture references. David and Tim said by using these words, it taps into the tribal instincts of men bringing them closer together.

Check out this video of F3 members in South Carolina:

Source: Today