Fall Fashion Trends to Check Out for Your Wardrobe

August 02, 2017

The kids are headed back to school and the days are getting shorter—fall is just around the corner. It’s time to start amping up your fall wardrobe to stay on top of the latest styles.

Runway fashion trends often don’t seem very wearable—they’re either too messy, too scandalous, or just not practical for the everyday woman, but there are ways that you can work those trends into the wardrobe that you have now to keep yourself on trend.

Keep reading for some tips on how to work the newest fall trends into your own wardrobe.

We’ve known that styles from the late 90’s and early 2000’s are on their way back in--this trend is just another step in that direction. On the runway this year, there were lots of wide belts and belted coats.

To make this style more every day, dust off those old wide belts you have tucked in the back of your closet. Throw one on over an oversized sweater and you’re right on trend.

If you have a belted pea coat or trench coat you’re right on track! Wear it with pride when it gets a little cooler.

Florals are typically reserved for spring and summer, but according to the runways this year, they’re going to branch into fall!

Instead of sticking with your brightly colored floral patterns, find something a little more neutral. Maybe add in some fall colors like red and brown to tone it down a little bit.

On the runway this fall, there are a lot of textured patterns like pinstripes, plaid, and checkers. Some of the runway outfits are overwhelmingly textured, but this is an easy style to add to your wardrobe. 

Because these textured patterns are muted, they're easier to pair with some other styles. Try adding these to some of the other trends in this list, like wide belts or florals.

Button ups are definitely a fall essential, but we’ve got a little bit of a twist this year! It looks like Victorian necklines are coming back in style. These short collars are a chic way of updating a classic white button up.

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