Family Inherited a Home After Their Mom Died, Then Got Hit With a $30,000 Bill

October 10, 2017

Josh Putney shared his inheritance nightmare in hopes it would be a lesson for everyone. Josh, his wife, and his three kids spent many months rehabbing an old home Josh and his family inherited from their mother who passed away over a year ago.

The family went straight to work by stripping walls, replacing plumbing fixtures, and restoring the home as best they could.

“All the plumbing up in the ceiling had to be replaced,” Josh said. “And the old plaster was starting to come off the walls. We are doing a lot of patchwork.”

The Putney family made it a family affair. As they tore down drywall, they reminisced about their shared memories and stories. Josh told local ABC channel, KIVI-TV, that his kids had done so much work to the home already.

It wasn't until the day they received a letter in the mail when everything changed. Up until that day, everything was proceeding smoothly. The bank sent a devastating letter informing the new homeowners that there is a balance still outstanding.

It was a $30,000 bill. Daughter of the passing mother and executor of the estate, Lori Yazell, told KIVI-TV that they thought they owned the home free and clear. They thought their mother had paid off the home. Then she passed away leaving thousands of dollars left unpaid.

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