Terrifying Video: Family Tries to Save Dog from Mountain Lion—People Are in Utter Disbelief

April 04, 2018

Earlier this year, a Colorado family was enjoying their time inside their home when all of a sudden the daughter screamed, "Mountain lion, mountain lion!"

Their surveillance video captured the high-adrenaline event.


In the footage below, you can see the boxer-lab mix, Maeby, stroll around from the corner of the house. As the dog steps down from the porch to the grass, Maeby's owner, Charlie Allen, hears his daughter scream.


"Mountain lion, mountain lion!" his daughter yells. "Grab the flashlight!"

As the mountain lion grew closer to Maeby, not one, not two, but three family members rushed out of the house with shovels and a flashlight to save their beloved dog.


"The mountain lion jumped out of the yard and pounced on her," Charlie said.


The mountain line began taking bites and swipes at Maeby. The family was panicking; unsure exactly what to do to save sweet Maeby. They had to do whatever it took.

"It looked up and maybe got away at that point," said Charlie, who was the last one out of the house with a strobing flashlight.


"The dog got away from the lion; the lion could've easily taken after both of them and been on them in a second," he continued. "Fortunately, it was staring at me instead."

Charlie and his son-in-law began banging the shovels on the ground and yelling to scare off the mountain lion. Charlie began shining the bright flashlight into the eyes of the wild animal in hopes to chase the cat off. 


Finally, Maeby is seen sprinting to the side of the house followed by another man with a shovel.

While the other men continued to yell, they began to retreat back to the house. The wild cat would not be spooked; it slowly walked right on by.


Check out the video below:




Thankfully, Maeby would live to see another day; she did, however, suffer puncture wounds, bites, and scrapes. The 65-pound pup was rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital.


"We're all very thankful she put up a good fight," Charlie said.


Please keep Maeby in your prayers as she continues to recover. What do you think about her family saving her life? Let us know in the comment section below.


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