Famous Game Show Host Died

October 02, 2017

Born in Winnipeg, Canada, he shot to fame in 1963 as one of the most popular game show hosts of “Let’s Make a Deal.”


The game show became an instant hit. The audience was encouraged to wear eye-catching costumes from animals to clowns, to goofy cartoon characters. The goal of these costumes was to get the host’s attention. The selected studio audience contestant would begin with trading in one of their items for a prize. Then the prizes began to be traded in for mystery doors possibly holding extravagant prize.

Monty Hall died Saturday, September 30th, at age 96. Hall died at his home in Beverly Hills, California. Hall was widowed when his wife, Marilyn Hall, died last June at age 90. The couple was married for 69 years.






Please keep Hall’s family in your thoughts and prayers. In other news, a woman's son fell into a coma, her husband died, and when her son wakes up, he says this about his dad!

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