Famous Grocery Chain is Recalling Popcorn Bags After Insects Found Inside

February 21, 2018

Officials have posted a nationwide recall of Walmart's Great Value brand after consumers have complained of insects within their popcorn.

The popcorn, known as "Great Value Popcorn," being recalled are from the purchase dates on or before December 28, 2017, according to the recall statement. The recall notice was posted on February 6.


Consumers can check their bags and identify with the UPC number, "6 81131 76007 2" to see if they have a contaminated batch. On the CFIA's website, they described the substance as "extraneous material," however, other sources are more descriptive than that: insects.


The recall is classified as a "Class 3," which means there are slim chances of consumers getting sick or having adverse health effects. The CFIA did not disclose how many products have been affected, nor the exact stores that sold these bags.

It appears at this time, the recall has been contained in Canada. There are no further details as if other countries have experienced insects in Walmart's popcorn at this time.


Be sure to be on the lookout, nevertheless. It's probably a good habit to take a quick peek at what you are eating before it enters your mouth. Or you might get some added protein to your diet.


Share this recall with your family and friends so they are on the lookout to identify the UPC number. In other news, another company has recalled over 38,000 frozen vegetable bags after a woman found half a rat inside. For further details, click here.

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