Famous Olympic Gold Medalist Announces Devastating News; Her Baby Has Died

April 09, 2018

Double Olympic champion Helen Glover recently announced some heartbreaking news. One of her babies just died.



Glover, who is pregnant, and her husband, TV wildlife expert Steve Backshall, were expecting a set of twins to arrive this July.



Glover is known for her incredible athletic accomplishments as a rower for Team Great Britain.

"Thanks for all your lovely messages. We've had the hard news that one baby hasn't made it but we are very excited and hopeful for the remaining baby to arrive this summer," the gold medalist posted on Twitter.




Within hours, the couple has received an abundance amount of love and support, with many people sharing the same experience.










In 2012, Glover and her rowing partner Heather Stanning took home the first gold medal for Britain during the Olympics in London. Four years later, the duo took home another gold in Rio de Janeiro "becoming the first female rowers to defend their Olympic title," BBC reported.

There have been no details as to what happened to cause such as sad event. Still, please let's pray for the couple as they go through this difficult time.


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